Courier / Cargo to India from UK


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Courier / Cargo to India from the UK

Usually, the client sends Clothes, Shoes, Can food, Chocolate etc. in this service which is free of custom on standard size box.
Cost: Per KG £4.95Per kG, including custom and tax in India.

Time: Around 10 to 20 days Days (Depends on the city)
Minimum chargeable weight is 10 KG.
Max Weight: 25 KG (if you have more than 25 KG then you have to make another box)
Box size: Standard
Drop location: Woolwich office
Custom: Parcel Value must be less than £100
Sender & Receiver ID with city PIN code is compulsory.

One box or luggage per tracking number (for example if you have two boxes or luggage then you will get two tracking number.

Cost on Dimension: we accept as per kg for Gujarat and Mumbai on standard size box, but the rest of the city final price is on the base of the box or luggage’s dimension.

Electric items:  £5 per kg (for example TV, Micro oven etc) and Clint have to pay duties as Indian custom and admin on the base of Dimension that starts from £15 per box.

Mobile, I pad, Laptop – It’s not included in this services however we send via DHL   that start from £40 and Clint have to pay duties as Indian custom.

Please Note: Duty able items duties are not included in this service.

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