Cargo Nepal


Cargo Nepal – Cargo to Nepal from the UK 


If you are looking for cargo to Nepal from the UK, please look at the cargo Nepal service from Himal Courier’ Cargo to Nepal. By the way, are you aware of the difference between courier and cargo? If not, please have a look below. 



Cargo Nepal


Difference between Courier & Cargo


Courier is suited for sending letters, documents, and small parcels. It offers the advantage of speed, security, tracking, signature and specialisation over standard mail services. However, due to this, they tend to be more expensive than traditional mail services.


Cargo is cheaper but slower and mainly refers to a large consignment of goods or products. Most of our air cargo freight flies from all the primary airports in the UK to Kathmandu Airport. In addition, we can arrange to pick up your goods from anywhere in London. However, a collection charge may apply. We have our own office in Kathmandu as well.



Finally, do you have any more questions? If yes, let you know; we are just one call far away from you. If not, please fill out the form to assist you further. Cargo-form


What about other countries? We offer very cheap Cargo services to European countries, including Portugal, India, China, the USA, Canada, Australia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, the UAE, Qatar and the rest of the world. So please have a look at worldwide cargo or contact us.


About Duties and Custom 
You need to be aware of duties and customs while sending cargo aboard. So please check it out so that you will get an idea. 

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