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Do you want to send a courier to Nepal from the UK? Himal Courier regularly does couriers to Nepal. Please have a look at all details below.


Courier Nepal



What is Courier?


Courier is suited for sending letters, documents & small parcels. It offers the advantage of speed, security, tracking, signature and specialisation over standard mail services. However, due to this, they tend to be more expensive than regular mail services.

What is Cargo?

Cargo is cheaper but slower and mainly refers to a large consignment of goods or products. If you are sending a TV or have more than 20 Kg, we recommend it for cargo, and please visit. 


Now, have a look at the different courier or shipping options to Nepal
Option A: Monthly Courier to  Nepal (Kathmandu ) 
Option B: Weekly Cargo to Nepal
Option C: Daily Courier service to Nepal 

Option C: Daily Courier service to Nepal
Daily means from Monday to Friday. We have discounted world-leading courier companies like DHL.


Finally, check out the link if you are looking for Nepal cargo.

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